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God is Our Safe Place.

Have you noticed that the world has been loud lately? 

As the noise grows, I realize I have a choice whether or not to let in the chaos. My heart has been like a revolving door lately, swinging shut and opening wide as I go from anxious to content and then back again. The more I fill myself with social media and the news, the wearier I become and the emptier I feel. I think it’s time to open my heart wide to the true anchor of my soul.

Abba – my Heavenly Father. 

It’s time to shut my heart off to what drives me to madness and instead focus on driving myself right up to the feet of Jesus where His grace awaits, and love abounds. I’m convinced that real peace – lasting peace that surpasses the chaotic state of the world at the moment – is found only by spending time in the presence of my Prince of Peace.

Seeking His face daily is a choice I have to make to ground my heart to Him. By spending time in God’s presence, I am reminded to trust that mine is in His hands no matter what our nation’s future holds. It is a gift, as a daughter of God, to be able to anchor myself to Him who is faithful instead of focusing on the constant shifting and changing world. 

I have a choice whether or not I let the chaos in and Sister, so do you. 

We have a choice as to where we place our focus. 

If you’ll remember, a few weeks ago, I told you that reminding myself of who God is gets my focus off of myself and my worries, and on to Him who can calm the anxious storm inside of me. I reminded you that we serve a God who never changes even when we do. 

This week I want to continue on that same track by reminding you that God is our safe place. 

I stumbled upon a familiar Psalm this week, Psalm 62, and was blown away by the beauty of its words as I read it through The Passion Translation:

I stand silently to listen for the one I love,

waiting as long as it takes for the Lord to rescue me.

For God alone has become my Savior.

He alone is my safe place;

his wrap-around presence always protects me.

For he is my champion defender;

there’s no risk of failure with God.

So why would I let worry paralyze me,

even when troubles multiply around me?

-Psalm 62:1-2

His wrap-around presence always protects me. Do I need to go any further?! 

Sister, I want you to revel in that Scripture and allow the words to have the mic drop moment they well deserve. What a beautiful image! Whether we feel Him or not, His presence is continuously wrapped around us like a cozy blanket and fortified shield all in one. 

His presence both comforts and protects, satisfies and secures. 

God is our safe place, even when the world is in chaos, even when we feel the chaos coming close. 

It’s His wrap-around presence that gives us the strength to shut the door on chaos and refuse to allow it to penetrate our hearts. We may notice it and recognize it for what it is, but we do not have to let it in. 

God is our champion defender and constant protector, and we can hide fully in Him, trusting that the battles waging in our hearts and minds are His to avenge and ours to release. We give the power back to His presence within us when we focus on running to Him as our safe place instead of striving for control. 

Go to Him with your heart, friend, and lay your worries at His feet. I promise you, He can be trusted, and His presence will provide the lasting peace you’re longing for. 

But… it’s a choice. 

It’s a choice whether or not you make Him your safe place or if you continue to allow the chaos outside to create turmoil within. 

Maybe it’s time to set some boundaries with social media and limit the amount of time you spend watching the news. Perhaps it’s time to filter the voices you listen to through the presence of Jesus. Saturate yourself with His presence and allow His words of truth and love to become the only anthem you choose to carry. 

I encourage you to pause in His presence this week, Sis, as you silently listen for the One voice your soul thirsts for above all the rest.

The voice of Abba, Father. 

And as you walk through this week with His words in your mind and His peace in your heart, remember this…

God’s glory is all around me!

His wrap-around presence is all I need,

for the Lord is my Savior, my hero, and my life-giving strength.

Psalm 62:7 (TPT)

Abba is our safe place.