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I have a BA in Psychology and have been writing and blogging since 2018. I specialize in blog, content, and SEO writing. Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together!

*below are faith-based written pieces — please check out my full portfolio to see my work in other niches as well.

Faith & Encouragement

My breakthrough lies in my surrender: on laying it down at the feet of Jesus

It was a cloudy, gray day at the beginning of March as I clambered tiredly out of the car feeling physically and mentally empty after not eating for 36 hours straight. My husband and I had been here before and we were both eerily familiar with the restless silence that simmered beneath the surface before a procedure.

Let the Silence Linger: How to Comfort Others as Christ Does By Celia Miller – Rachael K. Adams

“What am I supposed to do now?” Her tears ran down her face hot and full of shame and I sat across from her shifting uncomfortably in my seat, palms sweating. I loathed this question the most because it always seemed to come at times when I didn’t have the answers.

How to Knock on the Door of Gratitude | The Uncommon Normal

When I picture gratitude, I imagine a revolving door. A door that isn’t quite open, yet not quite closed. I see gratitude as a door waiting to be opened if only we would choose to knock. I didn’t use to view gratitude as a revolving door, waiting to be opened.

A Battle Strategy for Your Fears

I have to admit, on the afternoon of Friday, March 13th, when I heard our President declare the COVID-19 pandemic a national emergency, I doubted the goodness of God. How could a “good” God allow a disease to sweep through our nation, and our world, killing thousands and leaving billions sick and afraid?

Finding Belonging in the ‘Not Quite Yet’

Out of Place – Celia’s Story Unsettled and out of place. This is how I would describe to you how I’ve felt in this season of life. My husband and I are going through a transitional season, where we both know where we want to be but we’re waiting, sitting, in the not quite yet.

Breath prayer: Tend your soul in seasons of change

Welcome to Tending through the Seasons series, where writers from various seasons of life share how they are tending their soul by the Word of God through their current season. Meet Celia Miller. She is a wife, writer and avid lover, and pursuer of Jesus. She and her husband reside in Greenwood, Indiana with their…

Creator January/February 2021 – Oh Beloved One

Oh Beloved One has always been a symbiosis of words and art. Its cornerstone is an understanding of the importance of creativity in the life of Christians. We combine creative words and images to become a vehicle for God’s truth. We believe that creativity is innate because we were fashioned in the image of a creative God.


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