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The Invitation to Come As You Are this Advent Season

A few weeks ago, my friend and fellow writer, Beth Ferguson, reached out and asked me if I’d kindly contribute to her Advent devotional blog series that begins this month and continues into next. And of course, my response was yes, please!

The Advent devotional series kicks off today with an article written by yours truly entitled, The Invitation to Come As You Are.

My heart behind this blog post is to share God’s deepest desire for you this Advent season; the desire for you to come to Him, to step gently into Advent, and be with Him, just as you are.

Sometimes we think that in order to approach God, we have to have it all together or at least be a bit cleaned up. But that’s not God’s heart or His desire for you.

I’ll link the full article on Beth’s blog for you to read below, but here’s a small excerpt of today’s post:

But maybe this Advent season, you feel like me as I made my way to The Hermitage. You feel your soul longing for the Savior’s coming, but your mind worries about how you don’t measure up or fit into this kind of Christmas story. Instead of surrendering and receiving, maybe you feel like you have to pretty yourself up before coming to the manger.

Well, I have good news for you, my friend. 

Even in our woundedness, He calls to us. 
Even in our shame, He calls to us. 
Even in our worry and fear, He calls to us. 
Even in our wandering and questioning and wrestling, He calls to us. 
He beckons us to come without expectation or hesitation, always and forever. 

You are invited to simply receive His coming as a gift and come as you are to the God who gives Love freely and expects nothing in return. Your own coming to Him with all you are and all you carry is the only gift He desires this Advent season.

Read the full article here: The Invitation to Come As You Are and be sure to subscribe to Beth’s blog while you’re there to keep up with her Advent devotional series!

peace be with you,