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Living to Know Him: Learning to Behold Christ in the Everyday

Time with God is slow, drips down like honey and tastes just as sweet. 

This world feels as if it’s in a constant state of hurry and rush, but I find that I am most productive when I carve out time to just sit at His feet and be

I’ve been on a journey this year of wanting to behold more of God, to see Him in all things, in all seasons and in all circumstances. When I set out on this journey, I had no idea how much of it would be spent sitting in silence. 

In stillness. 

In quiet surrender. 

In Selah — the sacred pause. 

And I’ve found that the more time I spend being still in His presence, the more my soul thirsts to be with Him. 

Maybe that’s how we learn to behold Christ in our everyday lives; pausing to make room for His Spirit dwell. 

Because as I experience who He is and witness the slow pace of His rhythms of grace, I am compelled to take Him with me wherever I go. I long to be with Him as He longs to be with me. 

I am learning in the beholding how to pause and just be

The definition of the word ‘be’ isn’t extensive or complicated and in fact, it’s as simple as the word itself looks. 

To be is a verb that simply means to exist

If we dive a little deeper, the word exist means to live, to draw breath. 

My mind immediately goes to God’s command to ‘be still’ in Psalm 46:10. Have you ever read that verse and really thought about what God was asking us to do? He not only tells us to ‘be still’ but then He follows it up with, ‘and know that I am God’.

There are two commands here, and based on the definitions, the command is to exist and draw breath with the knowledge that He is God. 

Live and know me. 

That’s the invitation He extends to us all. 

That’s what this life is all about, that is how we learn to behold more of God. 

We exist to know Him. 

Learning to just ‘be’ in His presence is learning how to live in his presence. 

It’s wild to me that we serve a God that loves us this much. A God whose command is to simply exist and draw breath from knowing who He is. 

Because we can’t know Him and not wear the different shades of His heart. His beauty and glory are constantly on display when we learn to ‘be still and know that He is God’.

Our identities and worth shine forth as we begin to wrap ourselves in the love that He has for us. Healing, restoration, redemption all take place in this space of existing to know more of Him. 

This has been a year of learning how to behold more of God, but it has also been a year of learning how to ‘be’. 

To pause and remember that Christ is always with me, within me and all around me. He goes before me, behind me and He’s on every side of me. And when I remember to pause — Selah — and be in His presence, I find that the ordinary days are actually extraordinary. 

Sometimes, that has looked like placing boundaries around people or things that steal my slow and make me feel like hurried is the only way to go. Protecting this sacred rhythm of stillness has become a priority I never want to lose. 

I’ve found that in the uncertain chaos of everyday life, a helpful first step may look like praying this simple prayer;

Yahweh, help me see the unseen things and help me see more of You in everything. 

I pray this word today would give you peace, my friend, and a desperate longing to be filled with the love of your Heavenly Father. 

Live to know more of Him.